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lunes, 9 de mayo de 2016


Good morning to all!  

Today was the last day at Karisto School. I feel dreadful about saying goodbye. But who knows, perhaps of this project comes a new one and we continue working together in the future. There are many things that we can learn from each other and there is a solid foundation that unites us.

The students have made me some presents to bring them to school, games for you, a letter in Spanish, some drawings...


They have been very kind... I have also taken the last lunch at school. At the end I will miss eating so early.

And look, I also could finish my handcraft. I gave it to Hanna’s class, so they can remember me. Sven wanted to keep it, but finally I could convince him; we will make him another when I arrive at our school, Ceip Tierno Galván.

Some students of sixth, who are more used to work the wood and have very good ideas, have helped me. Thank you.

When we have crossed the school’s gate, for the last time, Sven and I were a bit sad, but excited and hopeful. Now, we can improve our educational system, through small actions, with everything that we have been taught...

...because the goal of this project, which began a few weeks ago, as its name says, is to meet other educational systems and through that knowledge, learn, pass on knowledge, and improve, as far as possible, our daily work in school. This blog is a way to do it.  I hope to have succeeded with our adventures and stories. For me it has been a pleasure and has kept me closer to you all.

Goodbye Karisto School! Thank you for your help!

But it was yet another surprise: some of the teachers had prepared a farewell dinner... They were so kind!

Karisto School colleagues.
Sven also has some souvenirs. He wishes to meet Spain and our school. Soon you can enjoy our new mascot, symbol of this adventure.

At this point I can only feel lucky, because when I started I had many insecurities and personal fears and now this is something that is going to go with me on my professional journey and personal life. I bring with me memories, friends, landscapes and flavours... Thanks to all who have made this experience possible: María, Hanna, Tina, Jonna, Paloma, Diego, Loli, Ricardo...
Regarding the differences between both educational systems... Well, maybe a communication tool like this, more focused on students, is not the best scenario to draw conclusions, almost not more than the ones drawn amongst the different entries I've been writing till yet; but I am already preparing a good presentation to inform thoroughly to all education professionals who have an interest to know which ones are the lights and shadows of an educational system that gives such good global results.

The blog is still open to your comments, questions and doubts... Because: 

"Better education through meeting other educational systems"

Greetings. It has been a pleasure!

Francisco José Peñalver Rojo: P. E. specialist.