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jueves, 5 de mayo de 2016


Good morning to all! 

Today there is no school. In Lahti there is a religious festival and they have a long weekend. So I have just one day more in Karisto School.

But, I wanted to tell you of a part of the Finnish educational system that still have not spoken, our Nursery School Education

As you know, in Finland, primary education begins at the age of 7, but then, before that age what happens?

Well, our Nursery School Education, public education, in Finland only consists of one year, when children are six. Parents decide if they bring children or not to school, as Nursery School Education it is not obligatory as in Spain. Of course, if you decide to bring them, you can enjoy all the benefits as in primary education; it means educational Material, food and various grants.

In Karisto School, there are three preschool groups, and as the Head teacher tells me, for the coming course, when they will be in first grade, they are going to distribute them in 4 less numerous groups. There is no space in the main building for these classrooms, so they are prefabricated next to it. They have all the facilities as when it is cold, it has been cold everywhere.

The number of students per classroom is high, therefore the next course they will be four groups of first course instead of three. What I do not understand is why they are not within the main building, since the school is relatively new. But perhaps other educational sections help you to draw conclusions.

Before Nursery, i.e., before the age of six, education is neither compulsory nor is free, so if parents want to leave their children in a kindergarten, they should pay for it. And here is where I have many doubts, because in this region, Karisto, kindergarten is in inside the main School, while there is not space for preschool located in prefabricated classrooms.

The stairs on the side take to elementary classrooms.
They have enough space to play.

Kindergarten children playing.
As it is a private institution and independent from elementary school, with different teachers and head teacher, I decided not to enter; however some of the teachers come up to school, since they also have there a room to have a coffee and relax. They are very nice, but I did not want to pick their brains. Anyway, teachers told me that this is a decision taken by the Town Hall.

So free basic education in Spain starts at the age of 3, and in Finland at the age of 6, but is not compulsory until the age of 7.

Perhaps this is one of their secrets to come off. The fact that children are more time with their families, grow together, develop attachment, confidence in themselves and skills that only can be worked in the family, make them to be more prepared to begin the school, where they have to spend much less time with their parents. They become better prepared to face up with self-confidence, certain emotional challenges that school forces them to tackle, due to their characteristics.

These are complex, global, cultural, social subjects, not easy to treat, since the most important value in our society, is not exactly, promoting the family union; Of course not, you have to work, and the more the merrier.

Anyway, as I said, I will have a few days off. I tell you more things on Monday... Meanwhile. Read much!

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