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domingo, 1 de mayo de 2016


Hello again everybody!
The weekend has passed, tomorrow back to school, and during these two days I haven’t stopped visiting new things and having new experiences.

First thing... As you arrive to Finland, you are going to see a lot of images of reindeer in all kind of objects, not in vain; they are typical of the North region of Finland, it means, Lapland. But... perhaps in the South part of the country, rather more famous than the reindeer are the Moomins, which flooded gift shops, decoration and shopping malls. You can see them in figures, cutlery, tablecloths, dresses... do any of you know these characters?

When I arrived I didn’t know why, but now I’m going to tell you.  It happens to be a cartoon series based on the stories and cartoons of the Finnish authors Tove and Lars Jansson.  I.e. they have been created in Finland.

They are a family of white Scandinavian trolls, round in appearance, with large snouts and which resemble hippos. The unconcerned family lives at his home in the Moomin Valley.

Its chapters cover complex topics such as: friendship, coexistence with nature, fix problems through speaking and thinking... Here all children grow up seeing them. Will that be part of the success of its educational system?


What if you say to the teachers to put you some chapter of this famous cartoon?

They are part of Finnish culture, and we're learning things about it, so, here you have some links that can help you.

Sven saw these cartoons also when he was small... he loves them! And he is not upset with the fact that they are as famous as him in Finland. They don't know Santa Claus...

Sven with the Moomins

Well, and we continue talking about traditions, because during all the week-end, as I told you, in Finland held the Wappu, Mayday Festival. I got back to Helsinki to see some sights that I didn't have time to see... And there was much happening in the street!

On Saturday, all college students walk the streets to celebrate it and dress with coveralls which according to the career that they are studying, are of one color or another... In addition, everyone carries his white cap, as I showed you at Friday’s entry.  Do you remember his name?  YO-LAKKI


The stickers that they wear are different actions which have been made and that have been awarded; They sew them to the coverall. It’s better as much as they have!

At the end of the day, all focus on the Senate square, where is the white cathedral that I taught at my arrival, one of Helsinki's most representative monuments.

Sven and I on the Senate square, enjoying the party.

It goes for you, students of Tierno Galván...
I couldn’t resist trying one myself.
And after much fuss, a forced stops to relax and meditate, where? Of course, in “the Kamppi chapel” (chapel of silence), a modern building which is situated in the Centre of Helsinki, to be silent in the midst of the daily bustle and the noise of the city.


I can assure that you cannot hear anything... Many Finns, throughout the day, make a stop here, relax and continue with their work... do you like? It wouldn't be too bad to have a chapel of silence in the playground...

And do not believe that the WAPPU celebration has finished there... during Sunday, families, go out to squares and parks of different cities to take a picnic; in addition, today we have had an amazing sunny day...



This week I met two girls from Salamanca. They are very nice and they are also spending time in Finland. We have prepared a picnic and we went to the Park to enjoy sunbathe.

Lorena and Sara eating our Sandwiches.

Anyway, it has been my first weekend, calmer as usual, so I also tried resting, reading and walking... But today it’s enough; I don't want to bore you... Morning I come back to Karisto School.

A hug to all and you know... Read a lot!

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