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lunes, 2 de mayo de 2016


Good morning! 

I'm here again to tell you how have gone us Sven and me at school. All within our School Project: “Better Education through Meeting Other Educational Systems”.

And today, just arriving and getting off the bus, we had to get in again, but with the students of 1st, because we went to SIBELIUSTALO, a Congress Centre for concerts in honor of the composer, already known to us, Jean Sibelius. Do you remember the sculpture we visit in Helsinki? In Lahti they have a Center with his name, which runs much of the cultural and social life of the inhabitants of the city. I leave you the website, if you want more information, and see some pictures of the enclosure.

Entering the Sibelius Hall.

All the first courses from all Lahti primary schools were there, so imagine how many children!  

Inside they made different activities, from hearing and playing instruments...

Till cutting out and making crafts... Sven has made a King’s Crown as the rest of the students...

Or dancing traditional dances all together... Here you have a few seconds...

And finally seeing the musicians and dancers acting...

And well, I’ve found again the typical Finnish instrument I’ve already presented you at the beginning of the journey, the KANTELE. Do you remember?

 If you want to remember the sound, here you have this link:

On the return bus, Sven, very cool with his glasses, has been telling me that according to the legend, the kantele is mentioned for the first time in a Finnish poem. In it, a hero named "Väinämöinen" builds the first from the skull of a giant and the strings, with the tail of animal hairs, being the only one capable of playing it. Thus, it makes all the creatures of the forest to fall asleep.

Sven at the return bus. He fastened his seatbelt and has everything.

Indeed, arriving at school, the students of sixth had hung a few works in the Hall, and look: We are trending topic in this region!

And I've had another class of crafts and watch; I have begun to do this... I didn’t have time to do more; I hope I can finish it before I come back...

And now it’s time to say goodbye, but not before proposing a riddle... who are these two sisters that I found today? Look at her plaits, her white skin, her nose... are they disguised as normal girls?

Elsa and Anna? Where is Olaf?

I give you a very strong hug. It is no far off seeing again... Read a lot.

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