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miércoles, 4 de mayo de 2016


Hello everyone again! 

Today I want to talk about a new sport that Karisto School students have been practicing. It is called "PESÄPALLO" and typical in Finland. Although it has got some resemblance to baseball because in both sports you must bat and it has bases, “PESÄPALLO” has got different rules. 

I've made a few pictures to 4th level students while playing...



Do you see the position of the pitcher? He is not opposite, but next to the batter. This is one of the many differences that this Finnish sport has with baseball.

When I come back to school I will explained you well because it is difficult from so far away. Anyway, I am sure that you will like a lot and Diego also... Here you are a link so you can watch a video and get a better idea.

Another game that I have learned is the "MÖLKKY" also originally from Finland, and although as I saw for the first time, it remembered me our bowls, it has a very different form and the rules are also different...


The pieces are made of wood and as you can see have carved numbers. You have to reach 15 points. But I think it is better... if I tell you when I am back! We could do ourselves the pieces! The one which does not carry a number is used to throw. 

Here you are another video for better understanding the game.

We will adapt these games to practice them at school and in different classes... I hope that you have enjoyed the ideas!   

By the way, Karisto School thank you for the bookmarks that you did for them... so lovingly, they were fascinated!

I don't know you, but I've started to train me for all the new games that we are going to do on my return...

One two!

One two!

With good weather, in Lahti, everybody is with their bikes, running, walking with their dog... So it’s pleasant to do sport.

Cheer up! Exercise is very good for your health. If you don’t believe, you can ask the Finnish children, having three hours a week of P.E., not like us, who only have two. Here they know how important physical activity is.

Sven is outside running for a while; I hope he does not get late home because it is time to go to bed, so many sport helps to sleep better.

Read a lot...

So important is to cultivate not only the body but the mind.

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