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martes, 3 de mayo de 2016


Good Morning School!! 

Once again I want to thank you for your participation. This handwriting work is much more exciting as I know that serves you as a learning tool.

The next week I'm already in Molina de Segura, Murcia, so any doubts, questions or concerns that you may have regarding the Finnish education system, let me know here and don't miss the opportunity. Karisto School is happy to clarify any doubts, and it is a unique opportunity for parents, teachers and curious in general.

Today, in addition to their classes, they have made a stop to clean the surrounding area of the school. By courses and at different times, each course has been going out with their gloves and garbage bags to pick up all rubbles have been found. It is mandatory that all children participate, and not only Karisto School do so, but all schools in the region, twice during the course.




In these wise, students not only develop an activity group, but they make aware themselves about environmental care and do something different and fun... I think it may be good idea to perform in our school. Sven has passed a great time and has also helped picking up some papers.

Finally, just only the students from first course have collected TWO BAGS WHOLE OF RUBBISH! And even it seemed that everything was clean...

How important it is to care for the environment! More and more, our cities and towns are dirtier and less care, so it is very important that each of us make a small gesture to keep our environment clean. Would you be able to do something like this? In addition, their teachers, as reward, leave them one little more in the playground...

With the arrival of good weather, the leaves and flowers begin to grow. Children and adults are happy because after a hard winter, finally they can enjoy nature. It is a reason more than enough to be responsible with it.


They have a unique environment, I know, but we also need to educate ourselves to be sensitive in nature. Then, we go to the beach, mountain, we travel... And we forget to do the right thing... Let's strive a little more on it!                          

Incredible Karisto School environment.

By the way, walking in the surroundings of the school something has drawn my attention again; to see in all the houses and buildings, stairs to the roof... I thought it was for snow removal in the event that in winter it has been much accumulated, but not. Do you know what they are? Do you think of anything?

It is to thoroughly clean the outputs of flues from chimneys and sauna all homes or buildings have. Of course, they use it so much!

¡Resolved question!

By the way, look what they used in Karisto School too... do you guess what thedevice that is in the upper left corner is?

Traffic light to determine the level of noise in the dining room of the school.

 Just two more things before saying you goodbye:

1   1- Look what funny food has made us today the cooks of the school... very tasty! And with Frankfurt sausages!

2- Sven insists me that I upload this picture... He has got you these flowers, Tierno Galván Students. 

We sent you a big hug from us. You have already less to meet our mascot Sven... Tomorrow I will tell you more curious things of this country and its educational system.

Read a lot, that as the poet Rubén Dario says:

“The book’s strength is value, it is power, and it is food; torch thought and source of love” 

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