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domingo, 8 de mayo de 2016


Good morning to all!

It's Sunday and I had a few days where I could do some things, including returning by last time to Helsinki.

A very funny thing that caught my eye, since I trod the city: how are called the kiosks in Finland... If you put an "o" at the end instead an "i", we have: KIOSKI. Fun isn't it? Now you know another word in Finnish.

One of the many 'Kioski' that exist in all Finland.

Another funny thing is that some signs of prohibited the passage are bent, but only some of them, I don't know why.

And what I do you tell me about our friend pissing? It is a spring in Helsinki’s outside and nobody is indifferent...


I did my own version from the spring. The original is the one on the right side.

And now I would like to talk about two monuments, essential if you visit Helsinki:

1. the Uspenski Orthodox Cathedral. It draws attention by its green roof, its golden domes and its reddish bricks. To see it while sunset comes is quite a spectacle. As you can see in the picture below is one of the signs of identity of the Russian domain, which started in the epoch from tsar Alexander II, who drove Helsinki as Finland’s capital. It is built on a huge rock, so its foundations are strong.

And perhaps you are thinking, what is the difference between the Orthodox and the Cristian religion? Once more you can ask for help to Pilar, our religion teacher, because the issue is rather complicated, but I tell you two simple anecdotes.

A- Catholics baptize over the child’s head, while the Orthodox dipped the baby in the water of the baptismal font.

B- Catholicism requires celibacy to the clerics, while Orthodox priests do marry.

Christian Church - Orthodox Church.

2- The other essential monument is the Temppeliaukio church or church on the rock. Why?  You just have to see it.

As you can see it is excavated into the rock, they needed to use up dynamite to carry out this construction.


The Church has so good acoustics that there are concerts on many occasions. If they use the piano, sure that it would be a success!

Sven loved much wooden ceiling. Natural light enters the Church through 180 crystals.

As you can see the walls they are not polished, and both banks and the rest of the furniture, including the organ, are Finnish designers work.

What? Do you like it? It has me impressed because I have never seen something similar in any of my travels.                                                                                                                         
They say that there is a priest who has joined music and mass, and occasionally makes its traditional "mass heavy metal" so then they say that the Church is not modernized!

On my return to Lahti, to get the most out of the good weather, I have encouraged me to insert my feet into the Lake, since many people were also refreshing themselves; but as I am from Murcia, levanter, Spain, I couldn’t be able to maintain the feet in the water during a minute. Think that just a few weeks ago all this was frozen...    
                                                                                                                    Well I'm going to bed since tomorrow is my last day in Karisto School, and although I want to come back home, also inspires me pity to finish this great professional and personal experience.     

A hug to all and read a lot...

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