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martes, 19 de abril de 2016


Hello everyone!!! Another day I'm writing from Helsinki to tell you some new things that I've learned today, within our Centre project “Better Education through Meeting Other Educational Systems”.

The day started very early because today we went to visit a school on the outskirts of Helsinki... The school is called JAKOMÄEN SCHOOL and is a primary and secondary school, divided into two blocks...

I couldn’t do a photo of the building because it was very big, but I did one of the playground joint together to the forest next to the school. Remember that here people don’t put fences...

A part of the elementary school.

Playground of the school. The white thing is the indoor pool.

At school they have showed us all their classes and have told us interesting things I didn’t known before. For example:

Corridor from one of the school’s floors.

Students talking about art sitting on the floor.

1. All children entering school take off their coats and shoes... So they feel more like at home and are more comfortable...

2. They love painting, they have the whole school full of works and the classes very decorated, it is not surprising as they spend the same or more hours to mathematics and language than to craft workshops. I’ve got many photos but I only put a few if not it’s a never ending story.

Look at the decoration of this classroom.

It sounds you familiar? Work with your QR codes

Work of first-year students.

Different designs decorating classes and corridors.

3. A very curious thing, in a class I have seen this poster... And as I ask them about, I have been told that it means the "dog class". I didn’t understand what they meant but I was surprised when the door has been opened and suddenly appeared this nice dog called Susam, which goes to school every day with the teacher. It must be the most intelligent dog of Finland... They learn how to care about so the dog is happy.

Susam’s Class.

Photo in front of the class.

4. And... Would you like to see the class where students go to read and work with their books and Ipads?

I've got the most out of them and I've tested these colour’s bags and the truth is... that they are very comfortable!!

5. The fact that Finnish children do not carry books is not true at all, it depends on the professor. It is normal that they use them sometimes, or that they use Ipads, or they do handcrafts... So don’t kid yourself... Mind you, the children here don’t have examinations; yes, you have understood correctly, nobody examines them, because it is understood that if in the course where they are, they have not learned something, they will do it in the following one. So NO STRESS!! I’m sure that many of you would like to come and study here only because there are no exams.


Primary student with his book.

IPad charging in the staff room.  They organize among themselves to be able to use them in all courses.

Work of written expression.

6. There are many things to tell you but I cannot hold up myself so much. One more thing: I have already mentioned that they give much importance to the workshops, thereby they iron, knit, do carpentry, pottery work...

As follows some of the facilities reserved for this purpose:


Crafts room and carpentry

Some tools used in the workshops.

And every 45 minutes of class, 15 minutes from recreation to relax, and so till more or less 12:30 when they have the LUNCH. Doing it in turns and in order, all go to eat at the school canteen, and all is FREE!!

Children are serving the catering themselves.

Today we had fish stew with potatoes and beetroot soup, also with fruit, of course... It doesn't sound very good but it was tasty...

Before leaving the school I've been by the gym, because as P.E. teacher I had many interest... and this is what I found:

Half of the Pavilion with its built-in theatre and his piano.

I have lots of information about the school, students, teachers and parents... but I tell you when I’m back and amongst these days... because now I want to introduce you to someone...

As I told you I have a new Finnish friend that will go with me on this journey... I found him on a bicycle sunbathing and he told me that he loves Spain, he will show me many new places and that he would like to meet you...

My new friend, a very nice Finnish reindeer.

He wants to go with me everywhere…

He showed me Helsinki Central Station... one of the most visited monuments of the city...

He has come with me to the restaurant to take something…

We played hide-and-seek...

He is very tender!

But there is a problem, he says that he bangs his horns and he forgot his name... So I want you to help me to give him a name, the sooner the better.

I’ll be waiting for your comments with the names that each of you or each class has decided with teacher’s aid. He one we like the most, we will give him. I’m sure he will enjoy. That reminds me, do you know how does “reno” in English? "REINDEER" Mercedes, Alejandro and Mamen, our English teachers can help you to pronounce it well...

He has now been asleep in my bed... Let me see where I sleep! Tomorrow I’ll tell him about the contest to find him a name, while you think how to call him... I wait for your ideas.

I turn off the light not to disturb him...
Good night

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