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lunes, 25 de abril de 2016


Hey again!!!

After relaxing and adapting to our new destination, Sven and me on Sunday, we will continue telling the adventures that are happening to us through these lands.

For starters, I would like you to look to this picture and tell me what you think it will be the weather this week... Do you think it is much difference from Murcia? What day of the week do we have to be wrapped up warm?

Here in Lahti, everything has changed, the city doesn't have much movement and Sven and I get bored a bit more. But hey, today we've started school and we have already known the place where we will be the next two weeks.

Everything started on the bus that should take us to school, because it’s located 15 minutes away from the city. We had to catch bus No. 7…

The ride has been interesting since as we approached the school, as we could see more and more forest... And no wonder because the school is in a privileged area...

And finally, the School! It’s way over the top!!! It was built a few years ago... here are some photos...

Just before arriving, I gave them your gifts, and they have really enjoyed!!

Hanna with a colleague. She was surprised to see your handworks, so beautiful!!!

Sven and me we received our timetable for these days and we have had already the opportunity to enter any of the classrooms... We are going to have to work very hard...
My time table
The class that we liked the most has been physical education, because they had some Taekwondo coaches, and they have taught the children some techniques of this funny sport.
Karisto School Pavillion

As you can see, they have an incredible Pavilion, because most of the time, due to the cold, they have to do exercise outside. But the teacher told me that they just go to the playground to play… They have a lot of material to do physical education.
One of the material rooms.
One of the lockers.

This is one of the four locker rooms that exist, since sometimes coincide two groups at the same time... The teacher has told me that there, everyone takes a shower when the class finishes, or at least they wash their feet, because I don't know if you've realized, but... inside the class they go barefoot!  And only if they come out to the playground to play, they wear sneakers. It’s a bit different to us, isn’t it? Mind you, caring about hygiene we are not so different. For us is also very important the toilet bag, to can wash ourselves when we finish doing exercise.

We have also been in a class of 4th where students played and painted, proving, once again, how flexible the teachers in this country...are. They leave them...
Some students playing in the corridor while the teacher is painting in the classroom. 
Paint from a student. They put tape to fix it.

The students were very interested in learning things about Spain and our school, they have been very kind and they have taught me some words in Finnish... They also have made us a few drawings! Look how beautiful are there!!!
Drawings from 3rd course. 
Definitely here in Finland, each school operates in a different way, because they have much autonomy, for example, in the schools that I’ve been visiting  till now, the classes lasted 45 minutes and they had 15 minutes rest. Here it’s different. In this School the average is two hours of class and half an hour of break, plus the lunch time, the one they have at 11... Everything is decided by the Head teacher.

All children do not enter and depart at the same time. The teachers take advantage of the first and last time to work with half of the class, so while some are at home, half has already started school or done it... Is not a bad idea... Isn’t it? Thus the work is more individualized... We will think about it in our school...

Indeed, Sven has also made some friends, and he has not stopped playing across the school... He has a ball (fun)!

I believe that, although the Finns have a more closed nature, until you know them, they are going to take care about Sven and I... They have said us that this week we have an excursion and will go them to the pool. Even there is a day of hiking through the forest...

Well, we say goodbye because it has been a hard day... Many changes, but we have to be patient, to coin a phrase:

"Patience is a virtue"

Rest and read a lot...  I remember all of you...

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