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lunes, 18 de abril de 2016


Good morning to all! 

Another day in Helsinki, and I have to tell you many things, but first... I hope that you have received very well the new teacher who replaces me, especially my fifth course, treat her well, Justin, don't talk so much!

This morning we had a tourist route through the city, with a very nice guide that showed and told us very interesting things that I didn’t know... Something unusual, in Finland babies sleep away from home so they can be used to cold temperatures, but be careful, only a nap, not the whole night... And it is so cold... Today I went all day with my warm earmuffs... Then I will show you a photo...

Our guide 

We have been separated by groups and each of us has made a different journey through the city. We've been through a street that has underground heating system, so when it snows, snow melts and you can walk and move along... What a strange thing, don’t you think so?

My group in the walk around Helsinki

Finnish decoration object.

Look, we have entered a store and I found this nice squirrel. The design of objects in Finland is very very famous, and decorations are overvalued... this particularly cost € 750! I'm sorry; I can't buy it for you...

We also met a very special place. It is the monument that I want to show you today; it is called Sibelius, and tourists here do not lose sight of it, although it is necessary to walk 2 kilometers to reach the park where it is... close to a beautiful Lake.

Let me tell you: this monument is made to be a tribute to a famous Finnish composer, Jean Sibelius, and is located in the Park, which also has its name. It was created when he died, so famous he was! If you look at it steady, it carries you back to organ pipes. Indeed people say that if it is still enough around, when the wind comes through its pipes, it would be able to play music... We are sure that Raul, your music teacher, would like working with it.

Sibelius Monument

I've approached so much and I've been very still, but I haven’t heard anything... Also I've put myself under it, and nothing... Mind you, I became bored of counting pipes...

Some Finns say that in real do not represent organ pipes but the polar lights... (It is an atmospheric phenomenon appearing in the sky. It consists of spots and bright columns of various shades produced by solar radiation). And finally there is someone who claims to be ice crystals... Perhaps Elsa, of Frozen has put them there... What do you think?

But don’t think I was all the time discovering new and magical places; today I had course at the Helsinki’s University, so I went there to take notes. Today's conference was very interesting; they told us new things about the educational system... I let you here three curiosities:

1.    The school gates in Finland are always open. Also in most schools there are no fences, since they don't want the school seem to be a jail, mind you, no student leaves without permission.

2.    Children don’t begin primary education up to the age of 7.

3. They dedicate many hours to carry out workshops such as ironing, carpentry, sewing and crafts...

My classroom where classes were given.
We also talked about the bullying, you know, bullying between classmates at school, we had already several times spoken in different classes... and I discovered that they have a way of working it very original, where all students have a role so that no student feel bad when they come to school. Why don’t we do something? As I know that this topic is very interesting, I tell you more when I arrive in Spain. In the meantime, you can see this video that they had us showed in class today... Mind you, is in English... so study!

Before leaving you, I tell you that tomorrow you should watch out... because, I will organize a competition... and all the kinds have to participate... but I am not going to tell you anything else... only it will be funny because up to now I will have "help" to write this blog.  I've met someone who wants to know you...

I don’t tell you more, the day after tomorrow if you enter the blog, you will get word of everything... is drawn a positive point among the participants!

And finally I leave these words that I think are very inspiring. Just I saw them I have done a photo so you don't forget them...

With my coffee in the Helsinki’s University course break.


"Think and do".... If you have an idea or a dream... try them to be fulfilled... work and don’t have fear...

The most beautiful and amazing things have a point of madness... or all this travel is not a bit... "Madness"

Good night and until tomorrow.

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