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martes, 26 de abril de 2016


Hey everybody!!!
Another day I am sitting in front of my computer to tell you how were Sven’s day and my day; and also to tell you everything we have seen and learned.

It was snowing as it was getting light. Behind my big room’s window I saw huge snowflakes falling... But even that, the bus No. 7 which takes us to Karisto School was waiting for...

At school we have started with Hanna, who day after day is more kindly with us. It was history in 5th grade. Looking at the picture below, who can tell me which part of the history were they studying? The word in Finnish sounds quite similar to the Spanish... "Viikingit"
First hour, Finnish history class.
You are all right! They were studying the significance that Vikings had throughout its history, since they were the first Nordic people settled in that area, having the sea as their main form of communication.  That’s why their reputation as warriors and sailors. I’m sure some of you still remember the cartoon “Viki the Viking”, but if not, I leave a link to a chapter where explains, in a funny way, who they were and how they lived.

Cartoon animated from Viki the Vikingo, ancestors of the Nordic lands.
After their teacher, Hanna, has explained something about its origins, the students have had time to share what they have learned and do a little work about.  Here, as in Spain, there are teachers who prefer to work with the book and others who do not like to have it all the time. In this school, for example, the most use them as a support.


Hanna’s group, 5th B, it’s beautiful, has a lot of material, and if you have noticed, the chairs have wheels… And of course, also they’ve got the famous balls in case a student wants to use them.



As you can see in the photos, children in Finland also carry their books and its schoolbag plenty of lots of things... in addition, they perform many works during the classroom, so do not think that they are just playing through the halls and make crafts.

After history I had course with the 3rd group. The students had P.E. They have been playing a very funny game with some very special dices... On each side of the dice they have written a different movement, after launch it into the air, whatever the dices says, all the students had to do it.
I have already noticed the idea. We are going to do it in our P.E. classes too. It’s very funny!!!

What do you think if we put a name to this game in our school? Perhaps... crazy dices? Start thinking one and we are going to decide it together. To make the dices isn't hard; we only have to agree on the skills that we want to write on them.

In a moment of class all have been walking on all fours as if they were dinosaurs...

Then, let’s have lunch. They use to have it at 10.30 in the morning, because here people eat and have dinner earlier. I find it difficult, but everything is very good.

As a first dish creamed vegetables with soft-boiled egg above and as a second dish, something delicious!  It is like a roll of fried bread stuffed with mincemeat... I would see if I ask the recipe to the cook, although if he writes me everything in Finnish... I won't understand anything!

Attention to how is written kitchen in Finnish with spoons and forks. Very original.
After the lunch, we went back to the courses, but in a more relaxed way... I found this student doing a job with four computers...

And look at these 6th grade students how they enjoy reading in this corner of the Hall... With a ping-pong table in case they want to disconnect from the books... Would you be able to be so calm reading unless the Professor watches you? Think before you give an answer and be honest...

I don't know what do you thing about, but giving a look over these corners, so beautiful!,  it is a matter that our management team ask for budget and let's make in our school some areas assemble as beautiful and fun as here. The teachers told me so students come more motivated to school...

Sven has a ball in this school!!!

After a while of playing, we had English with 6th course, and I finally could speak with the students, as they wanted to meet us and we practiced English, thanks to her teacher Tiina.

Just an advice: study much English if you want to meet different people and places... It is a language that is useless to put people of different nationalities together, and as you can see, in many countries is their second language. Take advantage that we have very good teachers who can teach you a lot in the Tierno Galván School.

Finally, we had music. The students are learning how to play the piano, the xylophone, the flute and the Spanish guitar! Considering that we, in Murcia, we have only an hour of music...

In brief, they have many resources, much autonomy and they give a great importance to creativity and crafts... 

On the way back home, on the bus, Sven and I have been thinking about something...

Perhaps if this Christmas we participate in the lottery, and we win it, we can invest a part to make the school more attractive and motivating. Thus it differs from the rest and you look forward to spend time on it... do you think it’s a good idea? Think what you can do to make that our school looks even more beautiful and is a cosy place... Suggestions to the guardian or tutor...

See you tomorrow. Here will still raining but you can enjoy the nice weather, and... is not something that Finns do not have?

To grin and bear it. (Without leaving the umbrella)

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