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domingo, 24 de abril de 2016


First of all, I feel that sometimes some videos fail or you see them with poor quality, as well as other failures that I can commit, but I'm so tired sometimes to keep up with the blog entry per day, that is not easy. Sorry! I hope you may forgive me.

Well, first of all, our pet's name is chosen. We had many proposals: Winter, Start, Pistachio, Jordan, Nukkua, Burlao, Panchito, Coto, Rodolfo... but finally the one who held the absolute majority is the one proposed from the 1st course students’:


It is the one who sounds like Finnish and after discussing it with him; he told me that he finds Sven a perfect name, so we know how to call him from now on.

On Sven’s part and on my own, thanks for your help, we will continue having more contests...

Sven more Spanish than ever, due to your help. 

And now that we have found him a name, I tell you something. Today the course, where I studied the most important aspects of the Finnish educational system, came to an end... And well, I'm happy on the one hand, because we have become an “attendance certificate” for being real good students. WE HAVE ACHIEVED OUR OBJECTIVES!!

The Headmaster and Coordinator from English Matters, giving us the Attendance Certificate. 
It was a morning to ponder, since all those who have participated had to share some of the things we have learned. And the truth is that the vast majority has been applied themselves so much! Here you have a slide to give you an idea. It is in English, so use your knowledge and translate it, sure that our English teachers can help you with this.

Some general conclusions.

He has done it so well!!!! that everybody has applauded him and have wanted to take pictures with him. It seems small, but in the English exhibitions grows more confident.  So much, that he asked me for a balloon as a reward, and I had to go and buy him one.

He deserves of it!  

At the end, we said goodbye to all partners that have shared experiences and hours with us during this week. All are coming back to their countries of origin; we are the only ones that we continue in Finland. I am happy because Sven is with me on the second stage of the journey. I’m sure we will learn much. But I am also sad, because I'm going to miss them... They are wonderful people from all parts of the world. I’m also sure that I will see many of them on another occasion. Also, all of them are already following the blog of Sven. I have many photos like this to remember them:

Great mates and great educational professionals.

Long time ago since I have seen snow. In Murcia usually we don’t have snow... But here it is so normal that Sven haven’t wanted to make snowmen with me... He has insisted to go to the National Library of Helsinki, since today, as you all know, is... the Book’s day!! And of course, better still going to celebrate, reading a few books in Finnish... what did you do at school to celebrate this important day? I think families had a surprise... Read, read a lot...

Reading gives us much company and freedom to be otherwise...Enjoy reading.

Well, the library of Helsinki is beautiful, in Finnish is called:Kansalliskirjasto. One curiosity, the greater part of the collection is stored in a huge basement, an underground bunker of over 57,000 cubic meters dug in the rock, more than 18 metres under the building of the library. By the way, all the inhabitants of Helsinki can apply for a card that allows the loan to home a lots of books...

Sven concentrate and  part of the inside library.

As you can see, Sven narrated me so exciting legends that they have in Finland... The book is the Kalevala, the most famous of the country, as well, as our Quixote, but based on oral tradition to legends which are born of Finnish Nordic mythology.  There are many interesting, some mystery... If you'd like me to tell you some of these legends, you just have to ask me via the blog comment, but beware, some of them can be very scary...

Helsinki's National Library, next to the white Cathedral.

After a good while of stories and legends of old Finnish, where it’s too cold, we went to eat some of the typical dishes of these land. All them with many calories to put up with the low temperatures...

Which of the four do you like the most? Sven preferred the duck, me the fish... but... do you know which is which? Try to guess it and when I will be there I will tell you.

After eating I had to prepare the suitcase, leaving the apartment, orderly, as I found it, and go to Helsinki Central Station to take the train to Lahti...

Helsinki's Central Station's Facade

The station is beautiful and all the travelers who want to visit the city pass here... It reminds me a little like Gotham’s City, from Batman. These statues are called "the torch bearers," since each one of them takes a huge lantern that lights up at night.

The station is beautiful and all the travelers who want to visit the city pass here... It reminds me a little like Gotham’s City, from Batman. These statues are called "the torch bearers," since each one of them takes a huge lantern that lights up at night.

Please, continue following us, and remember, when things get ugly, when they are not as we had hoped, when it hurts your throat or we miss someone and we feel sad or lonely... You live and learn, just try to relax and... FUN FUN FUN!!


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