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jueves, 28 de abril de 2016


Hello everyone! How are you today?

As every day, the classes have begun with the arrival of the students, the majority as you can see, by bike, doing sport... How nice to see those healthy habits!

Autonomous, isn’t it?

Karisto school’s bikes parking.

And so, early and very cold, I had to accompany the girls from 6th to the physical education class, who decided to make exercise in the school outside area, as it was not raining, therefore for them is good weather. They have chosen to play football; even some of them have gone for a walk through the forest... that also is exercise!

Basketball field. Look at that view!

Although it seems more Bullrings, this is the football field. They use cones of goal.

I've played with them, and we've had great. But it was so cold...

Then, I went to another sixth course. I've talked to them about you, our school and our region...I've put them the video about Murcia, I brought prepared... they loved!

They put me a lot of questions, mostly related to our customs...

That reminds me, you should open the mail from the school as they are going to send you some emails to exchange information... Who knows, perhaps you make new friends; even if they are far away, it is always nice to meet people with different customs and cultures...

This morning they also had a religious activity. All the students of the Center were together and have been singing a few songs. Their religion is predominantly Protestant. Do you know the difference with the Catholic religion? There are many, but perhaps its different interpretation of the Bible the question which distinguishes them. For Christians, the Pope is the highest Christian authority, the representative of the Church. However for the Protestants the spiritual power and the authority do not rest in the hands of common men, but in God’s word written in the Bible...

You have to respect all beliefs; although different and sometimes difficult to understand, are part of the culture of a country...

Then the food time has come, each day I like more and more... Sven always wants to be the first in the queue, but before he must wash his hands, like everyone.

Today fish and vegetables…

The fact that all the children eat in the school’s dining room for free, not only guarantees that they eat varied and healthy, but also, that teachers have the opportunity to teach them to eat properly.

To sit well on the chair, to use appropriate the cutleries, to distribute the dish, or to tidy up at the end of a meal, are just, some of the contents to be learned...

I assure you that they do it very well, especially when they are in line picking up and leaving everything on its place... All this makes children more autonomous.

Students leaving their dishes and cutlery.  No one monitors them; they already know how to do it.

And now, I want to ask a question, to the students, teachers and parents who may be reading this blog... What you see in the pictures below?

Danger, perhaps? Are you imagining the amount of accidents that can have your children if they used these tools?

And you, teachers... you see problems, complaints and bureaucracy or learning opportunities?

No wonder, it is fear, fear of the consequences, fear to make damage, fear of "what might happen."

These and many more are tools used by Finnish teachers to work with their students such skills as: cut and sawing wood, nail Quills, screwing, drilling, welding, sanding... And this is the kind of crafts, totally free; Karisto School students have the opportunity to use.

And I'm not talking about money and resources, as we already know that in Spain something like that it would be impossible due to the cost involved in relationship, obviously, to the investment...

We are talking about AUTONOMY AND INDEPENDENCE, basic support on which is based its educational system; and in the fact that these students work with them since they are young, as if nothing had happened even if there are dangerous tools or flammable substances around them; they already know it and are aware. They grow being educated in its handling and neither teacher nor parents are afraid of it, because they do not see the danger, they see the purpose, they see it as NATURAL

And you know what the purpose is? I am going to show you:

Perhaps make a balancing pole and develop the balance by working with wood...

Or build a nest for birds... See all the tools used in a natural way.

Do things as curious as this, to prick the sausages and grilled them...

A boat to can play at the Lake?

It’s very nice to see how the children are given autonomy and independence and they know how to use it to grow learning. Of course, they know the risks and dangers involved in these practices, but they are taught to know them and know how to act; anyway, they have no fear for them, they are motivated. 




And when they finish their work, they clean, they put everything in its place, and they go home with their self-made handcrafts... And with the great personal satisfaction, that they have been producing them.                           


I was taking about with Sven sited in the bus; what a beautiful thing to trust in each other.

Few people here doubt about the decisions of the students, the teachers or parents. Each one has its role and responsibility in the education.

They are educated to be autonomous, independents, to make their own decisions and to understand their consequences, whether positive or negative. That’s why they grow with fewer fears and insecurities and are able to take the bus alone, go to school by bike, to serve themselves the food they need, to handle dangerous material or to do the homework without nobody threaten them with punishment. 

I trust Sven!

In brief, children will grow and will be independent, it is better they acquire responsibilities they will have to handle with, in the future, before it will be too late. We should take as a challenge and an opportunity of learning. 

Even the biggest thing makes smaller with perseverance…

Here, it has begun to rain again... I'm going to bed. Rest and as always... Read a lot.

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