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viernes, 29 de abril de 2016


Hello everyone. 

Finally It's Friday! And I’m glad not because tomorrow I don’t have school, but because I will not have to get up early and I will be able to rest a bit more... 

Today at school was a special day; they have been celebrated "VAPPU" which in Spain is the worker’s day. Here's a funny custom, all teachers and students are dressed in something funny and it is a day without books. Students play, watch movies...

With Ana's Frozen, his sister Elsa is happy in his castle of ice.

Karisto School teachers. From early morning, a spree.

With more Karisto School colleagues

Of course, Sven and I have disguised us as if we were also Finnish.

But not only the teachers dress up, students also, and make a costume contest in the Pavilion to choose the best costume...

Costume contest in the Pavilion; here you have the finalists.

And guess who has won... I was sure since I've seen it...

Winner of the costume contest.

But they were some more funny costumes... Here are some:


But watch out! Sven also has disguised... Good heavens that he had a great time with the kids!

Sven having a great time.

At the end we all have moving in time to the Finnish national typical dance around this time: "LETKAJENKKA." The following link is the music of the song. 

In this other link, you can see as the dance is... All at the same time, it was great!... do you dare to try it in class?

Also, today the school was over at 12 o’clock and all the children went back to their homes. The teachers have remained a while longer drinking and eating typical Finnish products they use to take in this day. 

The rolls are called "MUNKKI" and are really good.

And this is the typical drink for these days, SIMA, a kind of homemade, juice and fanta. Sven loves it, it remembers him to his childhood.

And another tradition for these days is to put this hat that looks like sailor, but with which students graduate when they finish secondary education; it is called "YO-LAKKI" and is only made in this country.

This beautiful teacher is Jonna, and has taught me so many new Finnish words.

And since we had time because we had finish earlier, it was Jonna, which has proposed me to show me some of the most beautiful places of this area; so we got into her car and check what beautiful Lake I have met!; it is called "PÄIJÄNNE"...

It is typical to have a small house near the Lake for the summer, if you can afford it. 

Not in vain, we are in the region of the Lakes. During the winter they freeze, and cars can cross above them; and in summer, when it pure and crystalline water comes back, the Finns take advantage to bathe in them and make multiple water activities.

It is very normal that the inhabitants of the towns nearby have a hut in which to spend their leisure time; to relax, to read, to navigate with their boat, to fish and also to have a sauna. In the following link you have more information about this magical area where you can breathe peace and tranquility.

Jonna presented me her husband, Henri, also teacher. I have been invited to have for an afternoon snack with them at their house... It is beautiful! They have been so kind that I hope that they visit us soon, in Murcia.

With them I could talk more relaxed on Finnish traditions, their culture, their habits, their tastes... I have learned a lot of new things!

As you can see, in the houses is also usual to go barefoot and even it is cold outside, the house is always warm.

We felt so comfortable that they offered themselves to bring me to get to know another part of Lahti which I had not seen yet, the Lake "VESIJÄRVI". Beautiful!

And look at what I've seen... a "minibeach" at the Lake!

The most popular beach in Lahti.

Walking with Jonna and Henri.
The truth is that I've been lucky to be able to go ride with two people who live here and know the region so good... I have already said thank you, but here I say it again. It was an impressive afternoon. Thank you.

All this weekend continues its traditional festival, VAPPU, so I can live any new situation and certainly funny and educational.

The first week in Karisto School run past! And how lucky to live this experience and know so kind people. I'm learning so much...

Good night, relax and take time to read much... Tomorrow I have free day, I tell you about the weekend on Sunday.

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