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domingo, 17 de abril de 2016


Hei guys! It starts the second day. It’s Sunday, April the 17th, and begin studying a little and with a very dark sky, since most of the day has been raining...

As you can see I also work even if it is Sunday!

One of the first things that catched my eye today is that in a school, despite being Sunday and be closed, I could see some children with their parents who were using the sports facilities, because, as I have told, in Finland you can use outside area  of the school, whenever you want, since here they care about so much and nobody does hooliganism...

Helskinki's School. 

Although today it was very cold, I have had time enough to visit and to get to know the city a little more... and do you know what? The Centre is plenty of shopping malls; they are very large and they have underground floors;  thus the inhabitants of the city can be warm. Even some malls are connected and you can cross much of the city below the surface... It's so cold outside!! Every day I will upload some information about a known Helsinki’s place and its history, so you can better imagine how all is this... Today I have been in the Cathedral... one of the most famous buildings which everybody visit...

Helsinki's Cathedral.
The Cathedral was commissioned to be built by Czar Nicolas I, since then Finland was part of Russia, and was called "Cathedral of St. Nicholas". But when it became independent, they removed the name and now is simply referred as the white cathedral of Helsinki. By the way, if you want to enter it, you must first to climb the 47 steps from the square to the door... That’s a relief! I’m in form!

In the afternoon the course began, which is what I had come for...

Course introduction.

Here you have one of the teachers who will teach the course... Altogether are approximately 80 students coming from 14 different countries: France, Germany, Italy, Poland and Turkey... and of course, Spain... They have group us together and have explained us how the course will run... During the week we will visit several schools and we will study the most important things that make schools in Finland, the most envied.

Here you have some new friends’ photo with whom I am going to share this experience, they are from some schools of Salamanca and the Canary Islands. Their names are: Leo, Jorge and Pepi, very kind and eager to learn, as well as me...

Already, they have sent us homework for tomorrow. So I start out to do them, I don't want to have bad qualifications... It seems that everything is going to be very interesting... but also fun... I will countinue tomorrow telling you more, because it’s late.

Greetings to all and to get off to a good start this week!

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